Root Canal Retreatment

There are instances when a tooth does not heal as well as anticipated following root canal therapy. This can be the result of new or persistent infection caused by a variety of reasons, such as:

  • complicated or unidentified anatomy
  • delayed crown or final filling placement
  • ill-fitting, broken or leaking restorations
  • new decay that re-contaminates the root canals

Non-surgical retreatment follows many of the same steps as an initial root canal therapy appointment.

  1. a small opening is created at the chewing surface of the crown or tooth. The original root canal filling material is removed and the canals are re-cleaned, re-disinfected and re-shaped. The canals are then refilled with fresh Gutta Percha. A temporary filling is placed in the initial access opening unless otherwise specified by your general dentist.
  2. in order to do the best work possible, some cases will require removal of an existing crown, restoration or post. We always strive to preserve as much tooth structure as possible or maintain an existing crown to be repaired when treatment is completed.
  3. Dr. Conn recommends a one year follow up appointment free of charge to monitor the healing of your non-surgical retreatment.


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