Dr. Douglas Conn


Dr. Douglas Conn graduated from UBC with a degree in General Dentistry in 1982 and practiced general dentistry in Langley for 10 years before relocating to Boston.

In Boston, Dr. Douglas Conn (known affectionately as “Dr. Doug”) obtained his Dental Specialty Degree in Endodontics from the prestigious Boston University. Dr. Doug soon returned to Vancouver where he spent nearly 25 years servicing the Oakridge community by providing patients with the very best care in Endodontics. His personable touch always resonated well with patients. Dr. Doug served as the treasurer and vice president of the College of Dental Surgeons of British Columbia. He was a clinical professor at the UBC Graduate Endodontics Clinic, where he instructed students of the Graduate Endodontics Division, including our own Dr. Eleni Irinakis.

Dr. Conn retired in 2019 and has found a new lease on life in apple farming in beautiful Summerland.


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